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Your boiler is one of the most essential appliances at home or in your facility; it warms your property and serves as your primary source of hot water. When it fails, it can be a significant inconvenience. That’s why getting heating repairs or getting a new boiler installed as soon as possible is paramount.

Our specialists are committed to providing fast, reliable boiler installation, replacement, and repair services for residential and commercial properties throughout Southern New Hampshire. If replacement is recommended after our thorough inspection process, we will help you choose the right unit size and model for your needs. With years of hands-on training, you can rest assured your boiler will work efficiently for years to come when you turn to Cornerstone Services to install a new unit or carry out any repairs you need.

Looking for a Heating System? We Provide Boiler Installation Services in NH

Many homes in NH still utilize radiant heat as their heating system. As part of this system, a reliable and quality boiler is needed to guarantee high-efficiency performance. When you choose our team of specialists for boiler installation services, this is exactly what you’ll be getting. We’ll help you get the most modern, efficient system to enhance the comfort of your house.

Whether you’re finishing construction on a new home or wanting to upgrade your current system, our boiler specialists are highly skilled and trained at installing units from various brands. We’ll quickly get you situated with a new boiler, working hard to minimize the downtime of your heating system. When you need to heat your property, turn to our service technicians for the best boiler installation services in the area.

Boiler Acting Up? Schedule Boiler Repair Services in NH

When issues crop up with your boiler, you’ll want to have them addressed by a company offering professional boiler repair services. Otherwise, the minor inconvenience could turn into a costly boiler system overhaul. Our HVAC technicians are highly equipped and experienced in fixing boiler problems right the first time — whether you have a hot water, steam, electric, natural gas, or oil boiler.

During your boiler repair services appointment, your boiler specialist will thoroughly assess the system to diagnose the problem adequately. Once they have a clear image of what’s causing your boiler to act up, they’ll suggest necessary repairs to keep your heating system working for the long haul.

Common Boiler Problems NH Homeowners Face

When your boiler starts to malfunction or stops working altogether, not only do you lose your home’s primary source of heat, but you also lose access to hot water. Of course, this isn’t ideal, and it can be potentially dangerous — especially in the middle of winter. That’s why we’ve offered a list of the most common boiler problems you could face and the potential fixes you could use:

  • No heat or hot water: The most obvious sign that your boiler requires immediate boiler repair services is that it does not produce warm air or hot water. This issue could arise for a number of reasons: a broken thermostat, malfunctioning valves, or inadequate water levels. Check your thermostat and pressure gauge to see if the problem lies in either of these areas. If everything checks out here, you’ll need to reach out to a boiler technician for assistance.

  • Low pressure: If your boiler’s pressure gauge indicates a point lower than 1, your boiler’s pressure is too low. Low boiler pressure arises when water leaks, a pressure valve is worn down, or a recently bled radiator. Our service technicians can inspect your system for a leak and re-pressurize it in a matter of no time.

  • Unusual sounds: A boiler will naturally make noise as it boots on, but it shouldn’t be emitting gurgling, banging, or whistling sounds. These noises could be the result of a faulty pump, low water pressure, trapped air, or an accumulation of limescale. Your local service experts can help you detect the root of the problem and perform timely repairs.

  • Leaks or drips: Boilers that are leaking often have a faulty or worn internal component. You’ll need to reach out to a boiler specialist to determine if the issue lies with a pump seal, pressure valve, or rusted pipes. Once they detect the problem, they can quickly resolve it.

  • Pilot light goes out: If your boiler is older, it may have a pilot light that needs to stay lit to operate. If this light keeps going out, there may be a problem with the thermocouple or a deposit buildup. If the issue with the pilot light continues, it may be time to upgrade to a new boiler that ignites electronically rather than with a pilot light.

Need a New Boiler? We Offer Boiler Replacement Services in NH

Boilers operate as excellent primary heat sources for homes and businesses across New Hampshire. However, each individual unit will start to decline in efficiency as it ages. Old boilers reaching the end of their useful lives operate at less than 50% efficiency, while newer models can offer an efficiency rating greater than 85%. When you invest in boiler replacement services, you’ll be committing to a future of lower energy bills.

Our team of boiler specialists is committed to finding your home or business the perfect heating system that will meet all your needs. Before getting started replacing your system, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your heating requirements and concerns. Then, we’ll evaluate different gas and electric boiler models, helping you choose the unit that will provide the greatest efficiency and best performance for your situation. Once you’ve made your selection, we’ll schedule a date to replace your old unit with your new one. During all of our boiler replacement services, we perform quickly and efficiently so that you’ll have minimal downtime with your heating system.

Should I Get My Boiler Repaired or Replaced?

When your boiler breaks down, you’re often faced with the question, “Do I repair or replace the boiler?” It can be challenging to answer this question on your own, but when you reach out to our team for boiler replacement services, we’ll help you evaluate a number of factors to determine if repairs or replacements are best:

  • Safety: Often, old boilers reach an age where they are no longer safe to operate. It could also potentially no longer meet laws and guidelines on boiler safety. Your service technician will be able to help you know if your boiler can be safely operated.

  • Efficiency: Today’s boilers are designed to be more energy-efficient, and you could save money in the long term by replacing your old boiler rather than having it repaired.

  • Costs of repair: Older boilers sometimes require significant repair costs simply because their parts are outdated. Before having the system repaired, compare the costs of repairs with the price of getting a newer, more efficient system.

  • Frequency of repairs: How often do you have to repair your boiler? If you’re constantly running into issues, it may make more sense to pay for a new boiler than it does to keep throwing money at a lost cause.

Gas vs. Electric Boilers: Which One Should I Choose?

If you’re thinking about installing a boiler system in your home or business, you may be curious whether you should choose a gas or electric boiler. It’s helpful to note that electric boilers are a budget-friendly option when considering initial purchase and installation costs because they are small, easy to install, and do not require a gas line. In contrast, gas boilers are more expensive to purchase and install. However, gas boilers are more efficient and powerful, costing you less to operate in the long term. Electric boilers are often suggested for small homes and supplemental heat, while gas furnaces are ideal for larger homes and properties. Your local boiler specialist can help you evaluate your heating needs and determine the best option for you.

How Do I Know if a Boiler System Is Right for Me?

Both boilers and furnaces have a long, storied history in residential and commercial applications. With both offering significant benefits, how do you choose a heating system for your home? Here we provide some of the advantages of choosing a boiler system over a furnace or other heating system for your NH house:

  • Better energy efficiency: Because boiler systems use water as their method to transfer heat, they can warm your space more efficiently than a furnace or heat pump can. Over time, this will save you energy and money.

  • More even distribution of heat: Furnaces and heat pumps tend to blow out hot air that hangs at the top of the room, and it can take a while to produce enough heat so that the whole space is warmed up. Boiler systems, on the other hand, use radiant heat to warm a space. This radiant heat spreads warmth more quickly and evenly, so the system doesn’t have to run as long to reach the desired temperature.

  • Highly durable: Boilers have fewer moving parts than forced-air systems (such as furnaces and heat pumps). A boiler only has a circulator pump as its moving part, which means it experiences less stress to operate. A boiler system can last up to 30 years, while furnaces only work efficiently for 15-20 and heat pumps 10-15.

  • Less maintenance: Because boilers do not have as many moving parts as forced-air heating systems, they require less maintenance and repairs. As long as you keep up with the annual tune-ups, your boiler should provide high efficiency for its lifespan.

  • Better air quality: Over time, furnaces collect dust and allergens in their filters and ductwork. If they are not properly maintained, these particles will circulate throughout the home. Boilers do not blow air, so they do not spread dust and allergens like furnaces. Additionally, boiler systems do not dry out the air, making it an excellent option for families that struggle with dry skin.

If you’re interested in adding a new boiler system to your home, the next step is getting in touch with your local boiler installation services company. Our heating professionals will assist you in choosing the right boiler for your household, through the installation process, and in maintaining your heater so that it will work for years to come.


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Based in Salem, NH, our team is proud to offer affordable and comprehensive gas and electric boiler services, including installation, replacement, and repair. We also provide furnace services and heat pump services. For additional information or to schedule an appointment, reach out to us today!

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