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If your furnace is on its last leg, older than 15 years old, or you are interested in maximizing your residential or commercial property’s efficiency, you’ve come to the right place! At Cornerstone Services, we specialize in furnace installation, repair, and replacement. Whatever your furnace needs may be, you can rely on us for quality solutions and specialized care.

Stay ahead of expensive repair and emergency replacement costs with an inspection from Southern New Hampshire’s best HVAC professionals! During your inspection, your technician will be able to determine the necessary furnace repairs or set you up with an appointment for a replacement furnace install.

Furnace Installation Services in NH

When temperatures are dropping outside, we often seek the solace of our homes to beat off the chill. But when your old furnace decides to call it quits, it can feel like your home has lost all its walls and ceiling, plunging you into an ice-cold abyss. You can stay ahead of the failure of your furnace by scheduling furnace installation services from our highly experienced technicians.

During an initial consultation, we’ll sit down with you and discuss your household’s heating needs. From there, we’ll suggest different types of furnaces and explore the pros and cons of each so that you can choose the model that will provide the highest performance and greatest efficiency. We’ll then switch out your old furnace with the newer model. With our premier furnace installation services, you can expect greater comfort for years to come.

Furnace Repair Services in NH

Has your furnace stopped working, or is it blowing cold air? Losing heat in the middle of winter is never fun, and it can potentially be dangerous to your entire family. When your heater begins malfunctioning, you’ll need timely furnace repair services to keep your home warm.

Our expert technicians are fully licensed and highly trained to work on many furnace brands. You can rest assured that no matter your needs, we can provide quality furnace repair services that will have your heat blasting once again.

We Address Any and All Common Furnace Problems

When it comes to heating your home during the coldest part of the year, you don’t want to trust your furnace repairs to just anyone. Our furnace specialists perform reliable repairs that last in the long term (especially when paired with routine maintenance). You can expect to receive furnace repair services that conform to the highest industry standards for any of the following furnace issues:

  • A lack of heat: Often, the most obvious sign your furnace requires professional attention is when it is not producing heat. Our technicians can inspect your system for a malfunctioning thermostat, leaking ducts, and furnace defects.

  • Pilot light is not blue: A furnace pilot light should be bluish if all things are working correctly. If the pilot light is not blue, a serious problem may be present. Pilot lights change to a yellow color when there are ventilation issues. Carbon monoxide is not dissipating like normal, causing a yellow flame. This is a health and fire safety issue and should be addressed by professionals immediately.

  • Unusual and disruptive sounds: Furnaces are never completely silent, but they shouldn’t produce loud noises that are irritating or alarming. If you notice banging, squealing, whistling, scraping, or popping sounds, let our service experts know as soon as possible. The issue may be as simple as a faulty fan belt or something as serious as a broken motor.

  • Unpleasant odors: If you notice your furnace giving off unusual smells all of a sudden, this could indicate a potential gas leak or an issue with accumulated debris. You should seek the assistance of a professional right away for gaseous odors because a gas leak is very dangerous. Even trapped dust and debris can pose a fire hazard, so it should be cleared away by a trained technician as soon as possible.

  • Poor indoor air quality: Furnaces are designed to circulate the air throughout your home to achieve optimum comfort. However, if your furnace isn’t properly maintained, it will end up circulating particles, allergens, and bacteria through each room. This could explain why your home always seems dusty no matter how much you clean or why your family is suffering from respiratory issues and allergy symptoms. One of our technicians can quickly improve your home’s air quality by replacing the dirty air filter and cleaning the ductwork.

Furnace Replacement Services in NH

Eventually, your furnace will reach the end of its life and need to be replaced. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the process of choosing and installing a new heating system on your own. Our HVAC technicians offer superior furnace replacement services and will walk you through every step of the process. We will ensure your home is equipped with a new unit that provides a range of advantages your old furnace lacked.

If your furnace is around 12 to 15 years old, you regularly have to schedule repair service calls, or your utility costs have suddenly spiked, you’ll want to schedule furnace replacement services. An upgraded heating unit could offer the following benefits:

  • Greater efficiency: Today’s furnaces are highly more efficient than the units made even a decade ago, offering homeowners significant savings on their monthly energy bills.

  • Longer performance: In addition to being more efficient, modern furnaces are designed to last longer with routine maintenance.

  • More subtle heating: A new heating system will properly heat your home without you even noticing because today’s furnaces are quieter than models made years ago.

What to Expect During Your Furnace Service

In addition to offering heater installation and repair services, our team of specialists can also perform annual furnace maintenance. Scheduling regular tune-ups is vital to protecting the efficiency and performance of your heating system. During these appointments, our technicians will clear away soot and debris from the unit and ductwork as well as inspect internal components. By closely examining your system, we can catch minor issues before they become full-blown problems, effectively allowing you to get the most of your furnace.

During our maintenance appointments, you can expect our HVAC technicians to:

  • Examine the vent system to ensure there aren’t any leaks or blockages

  • Inspect the heat exchanger for corrosion or wear

  • Clean the blower and its components

  • Conduct an amp-draw test on the blower motor

  • Test the burner and its flame sensor for proper operation

  • Lubricate the unit’s moving parts

  • Inspect the electrical connections and ensure there aren’t any signs of corrosion

  • Examine the flue for blockages that could cause toxic fumes to flow into your house

  • Inspect the furnace’s safety controls

  • Replace the system’s dirty air filter

  • Test the thermostat

How to Choose the Right Furnace for Your Home

One of the hardest decisions homeowners have to make is which furnace model to install in their home. Which system will keep their family warm, even on the coldest night? Fortunately, if you have our team in your corner, you don’t have to make this decision alone. In fact, we walk you through every step and use our expert knowledge to help you choose the right type of furnace. Our team will guide you through the following steps while choosing a furnace that is ideal for your household:

Furnace Type

You can choose from gas, electric, and oil furnaces. However, gas and oil furnaces are typically more energy-efficient than electric furnaces, and gas furnaces have more predictable fuel prices than oil furnaces.

Gas furnaces are the most popular choice among homeowners and come in two forms: single-stage and two-stage. A single-stage furnace emits one temperature every time it runs and operates at full capacity despite the external temperature. A two-stage furnace, however, has two temperature settings for heat output and runs at a low capacity by default. If more heat is needed, the furnace will switch to the high-capacity setting. Single-stage gas furnaces are ideal for homeowners that require a more budget-friendly option upfront, while two-stage heaters are more efficient.

While considering the furnace type, you’ll also want to think about whether the furnace has a fixed-speed or variable-speed blower. A fixed-speed blower will distribute heat at a single speed, while a variable-speed furnace will have a blower with a rate that varies. A variable-speed furnace can heat your home more efficiently because it will attempt to distribute heat evenly at the lowest speed before increasing to a higher speed.

Furnace Size

For the best results, your furnace will need to be the proper size for your house. If the heater is too small, you will experience cold spots throughout the rooms. If the furnace is too big, it will waste money producing more heat than your home needs. Our HVAC technicians can help you determine the correct size by examining your home’s square footage, ceiling height, insulation, and number of windows.

Fuel Efficiency

When choosing a furnace for your house, you should compare the efficiency of different models. You can do this by looking at the AFUE ratings. The AFUE signifies the amount of heat produced in a year versus the energy used to make that heat. A higher AFUE percentage indicates a furnace with greater efficiency. For example, oil furnaces typically have AFUE ratings of 60-80%, while gas furnaces can reach up to AFUE ratings of 98%.


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Based in Salem, NH, our team cares about you and your family’s indoor comfort and system efficiency. Contact us today for more information about affordable furnace installation, furnace repair, and furnace replacement services. You can also reach out to us for boiler services and heat pump services.

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