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Backup Power Generator Installation In Southern NH & Northern MA

Whether due to a storm, downed power lines, or some other inexplicable reason, power outages are significant disruptions to our daily lives. They can leave you without temperature-controlled air, lights, and security systems that you, your family, or your business depend on. With these considerations in mind, it is crucial that you safeguard your home or commercial property in Southern New Hampshire or Northern Massachusetts with a solution that prevents you from being stranded when disaster strikes. For a reliable backup power source, buy a standby whole-house generator from Cornerstone Electrical Services! We offer a wide selection of the best standby generators you can buy and a satisfaction-guaranteed level of service that is truly second to none. Headquartered in Salem, NH, our company is proud to offer backup power generator installation services throughout the following areas:

  • Rockingham County, NH

  • Hillsborough County, NH

  • Essex County, MA

How Does A Backup Power Generator Work?

Our standby generator solutions automatically detect utility failure and seamlessly switch to backup power and shut down when utility power is restored. With a backup power generator installation, you don’t have to worry about trudging out in a storm to turn the generator on — it begins working on restoring your home’s electricity instantaneously. Our backup power generators protect your essential systems, such as lighting, computer systems and storage, refrigeration units, medical equipment, and alarm systems. When you consider the fact that extreme hurricanes and other storms can put a pause on your power for up to a week, you can rest assured knowing that your essential systems are always protected from utility power failure.


Which Appliances Can A Standby Generator Power?

Electricity is one of life’s necessities. When the power goes out, you could be left without essential heating and air conditioning, security systems, and refrigeration — not to mention your sources of entertainment. Fortunately, you can invest in a backup power generator installation and retain access to these crucial systems. Depending on the power capacity of the standby generator you install, you could enjoy many of today’s modern conveniences in the middle of a power outage:

  • 7,000-9,000-Watt Unit: A generator in this range can power essential home appliances, such as a freezer, refrigerator, sump pump, and air conditioner. It can also handle some lights and a small television or microwave oven.

  • 10,00-13,000-Watt Generator: This type of generator can power the essentials as well as systems with larger loads, such as a well pump, hot water heater, and large HVAC unit. You may even have enough power to operate a desktop computer or play video games.

  • 14,000-15,000-Watt Standby Generator: Enjoy the same conveniences of a 10 to 13-kilowatt generator but also power multiple kitchen appliances like the coffee maker and toaster at the same time.

  • 16,000 Watts and Greater: If you have a large home with multiple air conditioners, hot water heaters, and well pumps, as well as pool pumps and hot tubs you want to keep running, you will want to consider getting a backup power generator with 16 kilowatts or more.

What You Can Expect From Our Home Generator Installation Experts

Our generator installers can advise you on the best solution tailored to your unique specifications. When you’re looking to buy a standby generator to power the whole house or facility, we can help you choose a model that features industry-leading manufacturing warranties to make sure everything is covered. While we have access to equipment and resources that help power you through an outage, we also place a priority on customer service! When you turn to our company for backup power generator installations or system performance evaluations, here’s what you can expect:

Free Estimates On New Generators

Our home generator installation experts offer same-day service for your home or business, which includes an obligation-free estimate for a tailor-made standby generator.

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Reliable Installations

All of our electricians are fully qualified and highly experienced in the standby generator installation process.

Comprehensive Maintenance Checks

A maintenance check from our electricians helps ensure your home standby generator will always work at optimal performance. We can also advise you on any repairs required and upgrades available to help extend the system’s lifespan.

Satisfaction, Guaranteed

When you hire our backup power generator installation professionals, you’ll always receive the outstanding level of service that you deserve. We guarantee you’ll be left feeling 100% satisfied that you chose us for your standby generator requirements.

Looking To Buy A Whole-house Standby Generator? Go With Cornerstone Electrical Services!

Our generator installers in salem, nh, understand how important having power is — especially when unforeseen circumstances leave you without your most crucial systems and appliances. We proudly offer backup power generator installation, electrical repair, lighting installation services, and electrical panel and wiring services for residences and businesses throughout southern new hampshire and northern massachusetts, including rockingham county, hillsborough county, and essex county. For more information about backup power system maintenance or to buy a standby generator, contact our experienced team today!

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