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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Installation In Southern NH & Northern MA

Are you interested in adding safety, curb appeal, and security to your home or office? With the right external lighting, you can make your home beautiful and entice customers to engage with your business. With professional outdoor lighting installation and repair services from Cornerstone Electrical Services, you can add allure to your property and get the peace of mind that you’ve made it a safer place in the process.


Our team of experts provides outdoor lighting services for homes and offices throughout Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts, including Rockingham, Hillsborough, and Essex counties. From professional advice to layout design, installation, and everything in between, our outdoor lighting electricians can provide a complete outdoor and landscape lighting solution to expertly suit your residential or business location and budget.

Landscape Lighting Solutions

Enjoy your outdoor areas for longer periods of time with professional lighting design and installation solutions that can help you highlight the desired features in your yard. Our landscape lighting services can also create the perfect relaxation or entertaining ambiance around your pool or patio areas.


For several years, we’ve been able to provide exceptional outdoor lighting installation services because we use only high-quality fixtures and technology and keep our services affordable. No matter if you’re interested in accent lighting to illuminate the architectural design of your home, pathway lights to keep guests safe, or poolside lighting for a late-night swim, we have a solution for you. We can even upgrade and install electrical panels and wiring to ensure your new lighting systems are adequately supported.


Incredible Benefits Of Landscape Lighting

Your landscaping is a masterpiece into which you’ve poured time, money, and energy. You painstakingly chose the plants to surround your porch, the stones for your pathways, and the patio furniture to create an inviting space. Now, it’s time to illuminate the beauty of your property with carefully placed landscape lights.

Here are several of the benefits you could enjoy from scheduling a new outdoor lighting installation service from our professionals:

  • A Brighter Outdoor Space: Enjoy your backyard and landscaping any time of the day with professionally installed lights. Entertain guests well into the night and feel confident allowing your kids to play in the yard after the sun dips below the horizon.

  • Highlighted Landscaping Features: Illuminate all of your favorite outdoor decor and foliage with path lighting, uplighting, spotlighting, and more.

  • Improved Safety: Reduce the chances of your family members, friends, and guests tripping on your property by installing landscape lighting near walkways, stairs, uneven surfaces, and the driveway.

  • Boosted Curb Appeal: By focusing light on your home’s best architectural features, you improve its aesthetic appeal and even increase its value since homebuyers highly favor outdoor lighting.

  • Greater Security: Deter trespassers and thieves by installing landscape lighting, such as floodlights and lights with motion sensors, around your property. There will be fewer places to hide, and their actions will not go unnoticed.

Security & Floodlighting Solutions

We can design and professionally install security lighting solutions that provide the best coverage with state-of-the-art motion sensors. Our floodlighting solutions are perfect for larger outdoor areas to fully illuminate your entire property, not just a portion of it.

Safety & Entrance Lighting Solutions

We can provide perfect illumination for all your home’s entrances, driveways, doors, and reception areas to ensure you and your guests won’t have to find their way in the dark.

Holiday & Special Event Lighting Solutions

Make your holiday lights the pride of the neighborhood by having them safely and professionally installed by one of our electricians. Our landscape lighting services can also help create the perfect lighting for any party or business event you put on — any time of the year!

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Why Choose Our Landscape Lighting Professionals

Your dream outdoor living space is just moments away from becoming a reality. When you hire our licensed electricians for outdoor lighting installation services, you can watch as your backyard and landscaping transform into a wonderland.

Over the years, customers have chosen to partner with our professionals because of our:

Up-front Pricing

Our professionals give you the benefit of knowing the full “per job” cost of your outdoor lighting installation service before any work begins so you can relax once work starts — no hidden fees or additional costs.

Extensively Trained Lighting Professionals

We’re a fully licensed and insured company, so you can relax knowing your lighting installations and repairs are being handled by outdoor lighting experts. Drawing from their knowledge, specialized training, and years of experience, our team knows how to get the job done right the first time.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You’ll receive the first-class customer care and the attention to detail you and your home deserve. Our friendly team of electricians goes that extra mile to keep everything neat and tidy, ensuring minimal disruptions to you and your family while we perform the installations.


Not only that, but we’re also dedicated to providing you with on-time service and expert solutions for your outdoor lighting solutions in Rockingham County, Hillsborough County, Essex County, and anywhere else across Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts.

Illuminate Your Home By Scheduling A Professional Outdoor Lighting Installation Service

Create the perfect ambiance and boost your curb appeal with professionally installed lights. For more information or to schedule a consultation for our outdoor lighting, home automation services, indoor lighting installation, or any of our other expert services, including ceiling fan installation, contact our team today.

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