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Facing Extreme Cold with Cornerstone Services in Salem, New Hampshire

Hey there, folks! Winter in Salem, New Hampshire, means your furnace goes from being a cozy companion to an absolute lifeline. When those temperatures drop to crazy lows, the last thing you want is your trusty furnace acting up. In this blog, we're gonna dive into furnace issues in extreme cold and when it's time to give the experts at Cornerstone Services a ring.

Extreme Cold - Not a Furnace's Best Friend

Extreme cold, especially in New Hampshire, can really mess with your furnace. Here's the lowdown:

  • Workload *Overload*: When it's freezing outside, your furnace goes into overdrive to keep your place warm. That extra work can strain its parts.

  • Icy Intruder: Cold air sneaking in through gaps and cracks makes your furnace's job even harder.

  • Fuel Fiasco: Furnaces might get a bit gas-guzzling in extreme cold, causing your bills to skyrocket.

Now, let's talk about some furnace issues that can pop up during these bone-chilling times.

1. Not Enough Warmth

When it's Arctic outside, the last thing you want is your furnace playing it cool inside. Reasons for not enough heat could be:

  • Overworked Furnace: Extreme cold can push your furnace to its limits, causing overheating and breakdowns.

  • Dirty Filters: Clogged filters choke airflow, making it tough for your furnace to spread the warmth. Keep those filters clean!

  • Thermostat Tango: A wonky thermostat can mess with your temperature settings, leaving you in the cold.

If your place feels colder than a polar bear's toenails, it's time to buzz Cornerstone Services for some pro advice.

2. Cycling Drama

Furnace short cycling, where it turns on and off too often, can be a real headache, especially in extreme cold snaps. Culprits might include:

  • Thermostat Troubles: Faulty thermostat settings can confuse your furnace, leading to erratic cycling.

  • Airflow Annoyances: Dirty filters or blocked vents can cause overheating, making your furnace throw in the towel too soon.

If your furnace seems to have a case of the hiccups, don't hesitate to call the experts for a diagnosis.

3. Frozen Pipes - Not a Cool Party

In extreme cold, the risk of frozen pipes is as real as it gets. When pipes freeze, it's not just your water supply that's in trouble; your furnace can take a hit too. Frozen pipes can lead to:

  • Blocked Vent Pipes: The exhaust vents of high-efficiency furnaces can freeze up, causing your furnace to tap out.

  • Efficiency Erosion: Cold weather can mess with your furnace's efficiency, making it struggle to keep you warm.

  • Damage Danger: Frozen pipes can burst, causing water damage in your home and potential furnace problems.

Prevent frozen pipes, schedule regular furnace check-ups, and keep your home cozy and dry.

4. Ignition Drama

Furnace ignition issues can become more common in extreme cold. The usual suspects include:

  • Pilot Light Problems: Older furnaces with pilot lights might struggle to stay lit in freezing temperatures.

  • Igniter Issues: Electronic ignition systems can throw a tantrum in cold weather, keeping your furnace from starting.

  • Gas Grief: Cold can mess with the gas supply to your furnace, causing ignition problems.

Handling ignition issues in extreme cold is no DIY project. Call in a professional to get it sorted safely.

5. Carbon Monoxide Concerns

Extreme cold can up the ante on carbon monoxide (CO) leaks, which are a major safety threat. Here's the deal:

  • Blocked Vents: Snow and ice can clog exhaust vents, leading to a CO buildup in your home.

  • Cracked Heat Exchanger: In extreme cold, the heat exchanger can crack, letting CO escape.

To stay safe, install CO detectors in your home and schedule regular furnace checks to catch and fix any potential issues.


  • How can I prevent frozen pipes during extreme cold?

    • Insulate your pipes, keep your home warm, and let faucets drip slowly to prevent freezing. Also, ensure your furnace and vents are in good shape for warm air circulation.

  • What should I do if my furnace breaks down during extreme cold?

    • When your furnace acts up in extreme cold, don't try to be the hero. Call in a professional immediately. Attempting repairs in freezing conditions can be dangerous and cause more damage.

  • Can regular maintenance help my furnace handle extreme cold?

    • Absolutely! Regular furnace maintenance can spot and fix potential issues before they turn into big problems. It also keeps your furnace running smoothly, even in extreme cold.

  • How often should I schedule furnace maintenance?

    • Aim for at least one furnace maintenance check per year, preferably before winter kicks in. But it's smart to get one right before extreme cold hits to ensure your furnace is up for the challenge.

So, when the deep freeze hits Salem, New Hampshire, your furnace becomes your best friend. Stay alert to any furnace hiccups during extreme cold, and remember that Cornerstone Services is just a call away, ready to keep your furnace running smoothly and your home toasty. Stay warm out there, folks! ❄️🔥

Business Information:

44 Cross St, Salem, NH 03079, United States

(833) 316-8145

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