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High-Efficiency Furnace Problems: The Ups and Downs of Modern Heating

Isn't technology amazing? One moment we're lighting fires to keep warm, and now we have these fantastic high-efficiency furnaces, ensuring we never have to layer up indoors again. Yet, while these furnaces are superb, they're not without their quirks. Let’s delve into some high efficiency furnace problems.

Short Cycling – The Over-Eager Furnace

Imagine a puppy that's just too excited to see you, wagging its tail non-stop. That’s what short cycling is to furnaces. Whether it's because the furnace is a bit too big for its britches (or your home), clogged filters acting like a nose full of pollen, a confused thermostat, or a misbehaving flame sensor, short cycling can give your furnace a premature midlife crisis. More starts and stops mean more wear and tear.

Ignition Tantrums

Remember trying to start a stubborn campfire? Our high-tech furnaces can throw similar tantrums, courtesy of dirty ignitors, a mischievous control board, or just a sassy gas supply. When the furnace won't light up, you know there’s a mini drama unfolding in there.

“I Missed My Spa Day!” – Neglecting Maintenance

Like us, furnaces love a bit of TLC. Without their pampering – cleaning their parts and oiling their joints – they can get grumpy and inefficient. Ensuring they’re routinely checked and cleaned will keep them humming happily.

Venting Woes

High-efficiency furnaces produce tears – well, condensation. And they cry it out via PVC pipes. But block their tear ducts, and problems arise. From dramatic flame rollouts to plain old inefficiency, these furnaces need their venting to stay in top shape.

Playing Favorites – Uneven Heating

Furnaces should be the epitome of fairness, warming every room equally. But block their paths, give them shoddy ducts, or size them incorrectly, and suddenly they're favoring one room over another.

“Did You Hear That?” – Unsettling Noises

Your furnace shouldn't sound like it's auditioning for a horror movie. Banging, rattling, and squealing are their way of telling you something's up, from rebellious burners to an ignition that can't make up its mind.

“Why is my Wallet Empty?” – Rising Energy Bills

Surprise energy bill spikes are as welcome as unannounced guests. If your furnace isn't feeling its best, it might just be hogging more energy than it should.

Ring the Experts, Not the Alarm

If your furnace acts up, don't panic or attempt a DIY detective mission. Our heroes at Cornerstone Services in Salem, New Hampshire, are the furnace whisperers you need. They'll sort out the tantrums, tears, and noises, ensuring your home remains the cozy sanctuary you deserve.

So, the next time your high-efficiency furnace tries to pull a fast one on you, remember to call the pros at Cornerstone Services. Keeping you cozy and content is their mission!

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