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How Much Do Air Duct Cleaning Services Cost?

If you have a central heating and cooling system, you have several feet of ductwork snaking throughout the ceilings and floors of your home. This ductwork is essential to keeping your home comfortable all year long and maintaining indoor air quality. If we neglected to clean our air ducts every 2-5 years, our families would be breathing in all sorts of impurities, our homes would smell less than fresh, and our HVAC systems would struggle to maintain even temperatures.

While many homeowners acknowledge the importance of air duct cleaning, they often hesitate to schedule the appointment because they’re unsure of the costs of this type of service. Our HVAC professionals are here to provide insight so you can make an informed decision. While there’s no flat fee for HVAC cleaning since every system is unique, there are a few factors you can consider when calculating air duct cleaning costs.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Air Duct Cleaning

When you hire an air duct cleaning company like Cornerstone Services, you can expect their professionals to thoroughly clean all components of your ductwork, including the ducts, registers, coils, and fan motor. A professional cleaning is far more extensive than what you can do on your own and allows your heating and cooling system to perform efficiently for years. This alone makes the costs of investing in HVAC cleaning worth it. But how exactly are the costs of this cleaning calculated? Air duct cleaning prices vary based on the following factors:

Size of the Ductwork

Air duct cleaning companies often base the pricing of their services on the square footage of their customers’ homes. This is because the larger a home is, the more ductwork there is. More air ducts require extra time and resources. So, if you have a larger home, you can expect to pay more than someone who owns an average-sized house.

Type of Ductwork

Most homes are equipped with rigid ducts, which are easy to clean with a vacuum, power brush, or air hose — all pieces of equipment HVAC companies carry. However, some homes have flex ducts requiring specialized cleaning products and tools. Not every company offers these services, so you can expect to pay more for flex duct cleaning.

Number of Vents

If an HVAC company doesn’t base its air duct cleaning costs on the square footage of its customers’ homes, it will charge this service based on the number of vents. If you have several vents, you can expect to pay more to have them cleaned.


The costs of your air duct cleaning services may be higher or lower depending on how easy it is for the contractor to get to your central air handler. Utility rooms make it convenient for professionals to complete the job, but if your HVAC system’s access point is located in the crawl space or other hard-to-reach place, you can expect to pay more for the contractor’s time.

Additional Factors to Consider

Air duct cleaning does not simply involve clearing the dust and dirt from your vents and ducts; it also includes an inspection, which can alert you to potential problems before they become severe. If your service professional comes across any surprises, they will inform you about the problem. You can decide to address the issue that same day, but it will add to the costs of your air duct cleaning.

  • Mold and Mildew Remediation: If your home has been especially humid or recently suffered water damage, your HVAC contractor may find mold growth in your air ducts. Mold remediation could add several hundred to several thousand dollars to your air duct cleaning costs.

  • Pest Removal: While cleaning your home’s ductwork, your HVAC professional may see signs of rats or mice taking up residence in your ducts. You’ll need to call an exterminator to address the problem.

  • Asbestos Removal: Asbestos poses a significant health hazard. If your air duct cleaning contractor finds asbestos in your ducts, they will stop work immediately. You will need to hire an asbestos removal specialist before air duct cleaning can resume.

  • Dryer Vent Cleaning: Perhaps you’ve noticed your dryer hasn’t been working as well as it once did. You could save on labor costs and boost your dryer’s efficiency by scheduling a dryer vent cleaning at the same time as your air duct cleaning service.

Get a Thorough Air Duct Cleaning Today With Cornerstone Services

Duct cleaning is essential to the efficiency of your heating and cooling system as well as your family’s health and well-being. Instead of trusting this task to the amateurs, turn to Cornerstone Services. We’ve been providing air duct cleaning services in Rockingham County, NH, and the surrounding areas for several years. We’re well known for our high standards and friendly customer service. Whether you need duct cleaning services or furnace repair and installation help, you can expect to receive honest, upfront pricing and superior results. Get in touch with our specialists today to book a service!


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