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How Often Should I Have My Office Professionally Cleaned?

Especially in light of COVID-19, being clean and hygienic is on everyone’s minds, and for a good reason. The world is full of bacteria, illnesses, and germs that can get you sick, and avoiding sickness is essential for your health and safety. One of the places where you spend the most time yet probably haven’t given much thought to is your office space. Whether you work for a big-box superstore or a small two-employee business, you’ll benefit from regular office cleaning. So how often should you schedule professional cleaning services for your office? Ask yourself these key questions: What Kind of Office Space Do You Work in? How often you should have your offices professionally cleaned depends a lot on the kind of space in which you’re actually working. If you work in food service, you’re already used to making sure all surfaces in contact with food are cleaned daily, if not multiple times a day. Similarly, if you work in a school or similarly crowded place, it’s best to practice daily cleaning there as well. If your workplace is a small business space or commercial office, you might be able to clean less often. However, no matter where you work, bathrooms and employee break rooms should be cleaned daily at a minimum and re-cleaned as needed. That’s a lot of scrubbing — but it doesn’t have to be! You can make cleaning much more manageable and free up your own time to get your work tasks done by hiring commercial cleaning services. How Many Employees and Site Visitors Do You Have? When considering how often you should have your offices professionally cleaned, another important factor to keep in mind is the number of employees and site visitors who work in or travel through your office space. High-traffic areas can get especially dirty, and the more people are in one space, the more likely it is that people will get each other sick. A professionally cleaned office helps you and your employees work more productively while staying healthy all the while. If your business employs many people, it’s probably likely that you’re all very busy, and your office space is too large for you to clean on your own. In this case, it only makes common sense to rely on office cleaning services. What’s Your Budget? Your budget is an important player when you’re deciding how often you should schedule professional cleaning services for your office. Suppose your budget is on the smaller side and your office is small/contact with the outside is limited. In that case, it might be worth it to schedule janitorial services for your bathrooms and some light cleaning of high-traffic areas, plus deep cleaning every few months for the rest of your office space. On the other hand, if you have a larger budget, you may be able to schedule extra more involved cleaning services such as daily floor cleanings and frequent window cleaning. What Needs to Be Cleaned? Deciding how often you should schedule professional cleaning services for your office is directly related to what you actually need to get cleaned. Individual cleaning depends on whether you need carpet cleaning, health-and-safety-inspection-quality kitchen deep cleaning, or even special sanitization of high-contact areas. No matter what, it’s recommended that the following areas are cleaned daily:

  • Bathrooms

  • Kitchens and food prep areas

  • Employee break rooms

To make sure you leave a great first impression or seal that business deal, maintain these areas at least weekly:

  • Meeting rooms

  • Lobbies and reception areas

  • Areas full of electronics sensitive to dust or dirt

Now that you’ve got a better handle on how often you should schedule professional cleaning services for your office, how do you choose the best cleaning services company for your needs? If you’re in Salem, NH, or one of the surrounding communities, the choice is clear: Cornerstone Services! We provide both office cleaning services and professional handyman services so that you can get your business looking brand-new inside and out! Want to breathe easy knowing you spend 8+ hours a day in the cleanest environment possible? Contact us today!


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