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Is Your Air Conditioner Ready For Summer?

Even though it feels like the year has just started, summer is upon us. That means it’s time to whip out the honey-do lists. At the top of this list should be “Prepare AC for Summer.”

It’s been several months since your air conditioning system was turned on, so you’ll need to double-check a few of its components before you reach for the thermostat. Below, we’ve listed the important steps you should take to get your air conditioner ready for summer. These tips will ensure you can enjoy a blast of cool air on even the hottest day of the year.

Change the Air Filters

Your HVAC filters collect dust, pollen, and other particles to protect your family members from breathing in contaminated air and the AC’s components from becoming damaged. If the filters become clogged, air can’t circulate, and the efficiency of your air conditioner will decrease. Make sure you replace return-air filters and air handler filters at least twice a year.

Clean the Condenser Coils

Your central air conditioner’s outdoor unit is called the condenser unit. Inside this unit, you will find large fan blades moving air over condenser coils. If the unit was not covered during the winter, there is likely dirt, leaves, and debris clogging the coils. To ensure the condenser works properly, you need to clean the coils. You can do this using a refrigerator coil brush or soft brush on a vacuum. Be careful not to bend the delicate coils.

Clear Debris From Around the Outdoor Unit

Make sure you clear away all leaves, dirt, and debris from the condenser unit. While you’re at it, clean the blower’s fan blades with a vacuum or rag. Also, check the drain to make sure it’s clear.

Check the Coolant Lines

You will see refrigerant tubes or pipes running from your indoor AC unit to the condenser outside. These lines should be covered with foam coolant line insulation. If the insulation is missing or frayed, replace it with new foam insulation sleeves or foam insulation tape.

Test the Unit

Instead of waiting for a hot day, turn on your air conditioning system now. This will ensure it is working correctly before you truly need it. You do not have to cool your house completely to test the AC unit. Simply switch the thermostat to cooling mode, check that air is flowing through the vents, and switch the air off. If something isn’t working correctly, sounds weird, or smells odd, get in touch with your local HVAC technicians for air conditioning repairs in New Hampshire.

Schedule an AC Maintenance Appointment

The best way to ensure your AC is ready for a hot summer is to schedule an air conditioning tune-up. Our team will cover everything from checking the refrigerant levels to cleaning the outdoor unit. We’ll ensure your heating and cooling systems operate safely and efficiently all summer long. We also offer air duct cleaning services in Salem, so you don’t have to worry about your AC working harder (and your energy bills skyrocketing) because of dust-clogged ducts.

If you would like to schedule an HVAC service appointment in or near Salem, NH, contact Cornerstone Services today! Our certified technicians are ready to help when you need it.


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