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Should I Get New Ceiling Fans This Summer?

Every homeowner has their own way of dealing with the summer heat and humidity. Air conditioners are an excellent climate control tool that can keep you comfortable, but it’s no secret that they use a lot of energy and can increase your power bill. They also require all the windows in your house to be closed, which can keep fresh air out and impact air quality. Depending on the day, it can be challenging to find a balance between effective cooling and maintaining fresh airflow. If you don’t have ceiling fans in your home, or the ones you do have are broken or ineffective, you may be missing out on numerous advantages! Scheduling new ceiling fan installation early in the summer can help ensure comfortable temperatures and excellent airflow in your home all season long. Here’s how:

Lower Energy Costs

Some summer days are too hot and humid to enjoy outside, but not quite warm enough to warrant firing up the air conditioning. Without dependable ceiling fans, you could end up using your air conditioning more than you would have to. This can create issues for households on an energy budget. High-quality ceiling fans can make a hot room feel significantly cooler without the need to use your air conditioning. In addition to helping your AC unit last longer, limited use will substantially reduce the amount that you spend on energy bills throughout the summer.

Get More Out of Your Air Conditioning

Some mid-summer days are just too hot to sit through without turning your air conditioner on. Ceiling fans can help you save money and energy on these days as well. When you have your air conditioner on, turning your ceiling fan on will help recirculate the cold air it produces and prevent it from settling on the ground. This can help keep your home cooler without the need to keep your AC on for too long or cranking it up too high.

Improve the Look of Home’s Interior

In addition to their practical benefits, air conditioners can add significant aesthetic value to each room in your home. Many contemporary models come with built-in lighting that allows you to control your living areas’ mood and ambiance. Regardless of the interior style of your home, modern ceiling fans come in a wide range of designs to complement every wall color or furniture choice. Consulting a trusted ceiling fan electrician can help you determine the best type of fan for your home. Contact Cornerstone Services to learn more about the importance of ventilation and the benefits of ceiling fan installation today!

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