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Should I Upgrade My Electrical Panel?

Your electrical panel, also known as a breaker or panel board, is one of the most critical devices in your home. Its job is to divide up the power entering your home and feed it into the subsidiary circuits that go to different rooms. It also protects each circuit in the form of a fuse or breaker. Despite its importance, homeowners can sometimes overlook their electrical panel’s maintenance needs.

Over time, panels become obsolete and can compromise the strength and availability of electricity in your home. If you haven’t looked at your electrical panel in a while, you could be setting yourself up for surges, outages, and other issues such as electrical fires. Making sure your panel is up-to-date, and replacing it if it’s not, can improve your quality of life and cut down on expenses. There are several specific ways in which replacing an old electrical panel can be advantageous:

Promoting Safety 

If your electrical panel is old, it drastically increases the likelihood of an electrical fire in your home. Panel connections that are worn down or overcrowded can become loose and cause wiring faults, which creates abnormal electrical currents that can lead to electrical fires. Making sure you have a properly functioning panel board can help keep the electricity in your home stable and prevent dangerous faults and fires.  

Powering New Appliances 

Everyone loves getting a new refrigerator or air conditioner in their home. However, if your circuit board is significantly older than your appliances, you may be at increased risk for electrical problems. Modern homes generally use a good deal more electricity than they did in the past, and older electrical panels are not designed to accommodate a contemporary workload. If your home is full of modern appliances, but your panel is out-of-date, it can increase the likelihood of surges. A timely electrical panel rewiring or replacement can ensure your ability to use all the electrical appliances in your home without worrying about blown fuses or outages.  

Increase the Value of Your Home  

Homes with older electrical panels are often regarded by realtors and prospective buyers as properties that need repair. Older panels are typically less efficient than new ones and can create higher energy bills. Consequently, your home’s resale value could be significantly impacted by an outdated panel. Replacing your electrical panel can keep your property value high and contribute to your eventual listing’s appeal.

Electrical panel rewiring and surge protection are essential for keeping you and your family safe; in fact, surge protection is now a code requirement on all new installs. For more information about our electrical services and how they can benefit your home, contact Cornerstone Electrical today!


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