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Signs Your Building Needs Commercial Electrical Repairs

You probably spend a fair bit of time in commercial buildings, whether it’s your workplace, your local grocery store, or even your gym. Have you ever stopped to think about who keeps the lights on — literally? 

Many property owners or maintenance staff members already know that the best way to take care of a commercial building’s electrical system is to schedule regular electrical maintenance with commercial electrical contractors in Salem, NH. But not everyone knows that keeping an eye on a few factors can help you determine when and why you should call in these professionals.

What are the signs your building needs electrical repairs? These are some simple ways to tell.

Use Your Senses

If you notice the following sights, sounds, or smells while inside, your building needs electrical repairs:

Dimming or flickering lights

Especially with fluorescent lights, some flickering and/or dimming over time is normal as light bulbs age. But widespread flickering or dimming lights across larger parts of the building might indicate your building has damaged or faulty wiring or circuits. If regular use of the necessary appliances and devices in your building makes your lights flicker and dim, you are probably causing your circuit breaker(s) to trip. The circuit breaker(s) in your building exist to protect the rest of your system against harm from excessive electrical discharge. Your circuit breaker(s) tripping excessively can mean your electrical system is taking on more than it can handle.

Burning smell

Follow your nose. If that burning smell isn’t just because someone microwaved their popcorn for too long, it might be a problem with your electrical system. A burning smell is especially dangerous because it indicates there is enough heat to potentially cause an electrical fire. Contact a professional immediately.

Mysterious buzzing

Do you hear a constant buzzing no matter which light fixture you’re near? Is the buzzing louder the more appliances or devices are running within the building? Your electrical system could be crying out for help as it strains under conditions of overuse. Consider an upgrade so that your system can handle everything daily life throws at it.

Blown fuses

Are you having strange power surges in your building or experiencing frequent blown fuses? While a thunderstorm or other weather event might be the cause of an occasional blown fuse, if you are blowing fuses often or have started to more frequently, your electrical panel is in need of repair. It can be both dangerous and costly to ignore this symptom; besides the fatal risk of electrocution, you can damage your appliances and devices if they are constantly blowing fuses. With some more delicate appliances, it only takes one short circuit for them to become completely fried.

Trouble With Outlets

Your building needs commercial electrical repairs if your outlets:

Emit sparks or smoke

Sparks or smoke coming from electrical outlets are not normal and indicate that there could be fire danger or electrocution risks. Do not plug anything into a sparking or smoking outlet, and call an electrician right away.

Feel warm or hot to the touch

An outlet should never feel warm or hot to the touch. If you find an outlet in your building that is noticeably warmer than room temperature, your building is urgently in need of commercial electrical repairs. Outlets are not designed to shed heat this way, and you may be endangering people in your building due to a faulty electrical wiring system or an overloaded circuit.

Are loose in the wall or have become looser over time

While loose outlets might seem more like a small annoyance than a red flag, they can actually be warning signs. An outlet that is loose in the wall might have loose connections. This means that the outlet’s ability to connect with the wiring in your building has degraded. Loose outlets need to be inspected and replaced to ensure they are safe to use. Call a professional before using a loose outlet.

Infrastructure Damage

Your building might need electrical repairs if it’s been through:

Storm or flood damage

Storms can damage power lines and even cables inside commercial buildings. Floods affect underground electrical connections and can cause dangerous electrical discharge. Appliances and devices can be at risk of short-circuiting due to water exposure. If you have not contacted an electrical repair professional after your building has been exposed to storms or floods, consider doing so to ensure your electrical system has not been negatively impacted.

Pest infestation

Mice, rats, and other pests will chew on and through cords in the walls and floors of your building. If you’ve had to call an exterminator or are thinking about calling one soon, you should contact an electrician as well in order to make sure your unwanted guests haven’t caused electrical problems.

Time for a Change

Your building is old

Old buildings can be beautiful and retain high property value, but they weren’t built to anticipate all of our 21st-century needs. If you’ve invested in, or are taking care of, an older property, it probably has electrical issues and will need electrical maintenance or replacement.

It’s been a while

Maybe you’ve been on top of keeping your more modern commercial property up to par with current building standards, but you haven’t thought about your electrical system in a few years. Having anything that is damaged or worn down get replaced every so often is vital to your building’s health and safety, as well as the actual functionality of your electrical system.

Your utility bills are increasing

If your building isn’t as energy-efficient as it could be, you might be paying more in electric bills than you need to. It is a worthwhile investment to safeguard your electrical system and lower your utility bills at the same time.

You’re going green

A great reason to seek electrical repairs for your building is to help the planet! Using more power than you need to can cause your building’s carbon footprint to be higher, meaning you might not be as “green” as you want to be. We have all sorts of lighting installation service options if you’re trying to become more eco-friendly.

If you’re looking for commercial electrical contractors in Salem, NH, or the surrounding areas, consider Cornerstone Electrical for all of your electrical needs. Looking for a way to keep your business running when everyone else loses power? Our generator installers in NH and MA can help you keep up the productivity even in extreme conditions. Our team is punctual, experienced, passionate, and very well-reviewed, and we offer 24/7 emergency service! Contact us today and let us help you make your commercial property shine bright.

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