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Why Fall Is The Best Time Of Year For Professional Drain Cleaning

Your home’s plumbing isn’t typically something you think about often — that is, until it stops functioning properly. Sure, we’ve all experienced a clogged toilet or sink here or there, but did you know it’s actually a best practice to schedule preventative drain cleaning services as well? In fact, it’s recommended that you have your drains cleaned at least once a year, and at Cornerstone Services, we can help.

Instead of relying on your trusty plunger or chemical drain cleaners (which you should never use), reach out to one of our plumbing technicians to schedule drain cleaning done by experienced professionals. We have specialized, powerful tools that can remove drain clogs and prevent new ones from forming. In fact, there are several benefits and reasons fall is the best time of the year for professional drain cleaning. Let’s take a look:

Benefits of Yearly Drain Cleaning

When it comes to regularly-scheduled drain cleaning, our professional services offer so much more than clearing an obstruction in your pipes. We use hydro-jetting to scour the interior of your drains and remove build-up like grease in your kitchen drain, as well as the layers of soap scum that have likely accumulated in your shower drain.

There are numerous long-term benefits to having your drains cleaned on a regular basis; one of the most significant is the fact that it makes it difficult for drains to clog in the first place. If its interior is clean, your drain won’t start to collect debris right away; this is a typical problem with store-bought drain cleaners that use chemical reactions, as they leave most of the clog behind.

Not only that, but regular drain cleaning contributes to a more hygienic house; it can help to eliminate foul odors that emanate from dirty drains as well as remove issues with drain flies. Relying on a professional to clean your drains every year is also good for the overall health of your plumbing system, reducing wear and tear from everyday use and improving its lifespan.

But Why Fall?

So you already know the advantages, but why is fall the best time of year for professional drain cleaning services? The answer is simple — autumn and early winter are generally the times of the year when your plumbing system experiences the most stress. Think about it; there’s Thanksgiving, holiday parties, New Year’s Eve gatherings, and more. In fact, the day after Thanksgiving is widely reported as one of the business days of the year for plumbers.

At Cornerstone Services, we know that you want to have a good time during the holidays without needing to worry if your drain and sewer will start acting up. For peace of mind all year round, schedule your professional drain cleaning this fall, and rest assured you can flush your plumbing worries down the drain.

Contact Us Today for a Clear Drain Tomorrow

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