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Why Is My Water Heater Making Noise?

So long as hot showers and faucets flow, most people don’t think about their water heaters. However, that changes quickly when things go wrong — and cold. However, paying attention to some tell-tale signs of issues can help you recognize when you need professional water heater repair service.

Here are the most common reasons your water heater could be making unusual noises:

Debris or Residue in Your Tank

Some of the most common causes of water heaters making noise have to do with debris and residue issues. For example, sediment buildup and accumulations of mineral deposits in your water heater tank sometimes sound like a coffeemaker running, while limescale residue can lead to popping sounds. Additionally, dirt and residue in the tank often make water heaters rumble. In most of these cases, draining the hot water heater helps immensely, but these types of issues can also weaken the tank if left unchecked over time.

Low or Slow Water Flow

Other causes for water heater noises such as sizzling sounds include low and slow water flow. The most common problem with poor water flow symptoms is a faulty temperature and pressure relief valve, which releases water from the storage tank with excess pressure. Other closed valves can also result in low or slow water flow, as can odd bends in water lines. Keep in mind that valve issues can also cause other types of water heater noise, especially when they’re due to frequent water pressure changes. If you’re not sure which valves are causing the problems or how to replace them, contact our professionals for fast assistance.

Dirty or Damaged Heating Elements

Dirty or damaged water heater heating elements frequently cause issues with noise. A disconcerting combination of crackling, hissing, sizzling, and popping sometimes occurs due to buildup on heating elements. The parts that let water heaters boil water, heating elements can typically be cleaned and reinserted. However, too much sediment buildup can effectively block the drain valve, making a new water heater your best bet.

If your water heater rumbles, pops, hisses, hums, or sizzles, reach out to Cornerstone Services to learn more about our water heater installation or repair services today!


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