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Are You Prepared for a Storm Surge This Winter?

The National Ocean Service defines a storm surge as the abnormal rise in seawater measured as the height of water above the normal astronomical tide. Storm surges, especially during winter, can cause sudden power surges that pose a danger to your heating appliances.

The common effects of power surges include flickering lights, power outages, and electrical damage to electrical equipment. The power surges can even cause fires when there is overloading. The losses can be crippling, but they can be prevented by preparing in advance.

Preparing for a Storm Surge This Winter

You can help avoid the destructive effects of storm surges by applying caution in how you use power. These expert-recommended tips will work:

Use Power Sparingly

Use only as much power as you need to protect non-essential equipment and ease pressure on the main grid. You may also consider alternative solutions, such as using natural techniques to prevent heat loss and reduce your reliance on the thermostat. Additionally, be ready to turn the power and gas off at a moment’s notice and keep up with news updates and local directives.

Install Point-of-Use Surge Protection

Point-of-use surge protection applies a protective measure for individual appliances or power outlets. This technique is especially recommended for sensitive and expensive appliances that you can afford to turn off despite the storm surge. It is also ideal if you don’t have too many appliances to protect.

Comprehensive surge protection protects all the electrical appliances and equipment in your house. It protects the power’s point of origin. It also helps stabilize the flow of power, which helps keep your appliances working consistently and at optimal levels.

Mind the Flooding

Flooding doesn’t always happen after a storm surge. However, it is still prudent to prepare for it as it can cause extensive damage to your electrical equipment and other household items.

Unplug Some Electronics During a Storm

Unplugging some electronics during a storm may seem old-fashioned, but it is an effective way to avoid damage, especially if you do not have surge protection in place.

Don’t Wait Until a Storm Surge Hits — Start Preparing Today!

It is cheaper and easier to protect against a storm surge than it is to fix its damages. As such, take these and other precautions early before winter hits. Cornerstone Electrical Services will help protect your electrical appliances by installing point-of-use and comprehensive surge protection. Get in touch today to make the necessary preparations.

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