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Is Your Backyard Lighting Ready for Summer Parties?

Every homeowner has visions of hosting parties at their New Hampshire home during the warm summer days, well into the night. However, as soon as the sun goes down, almost everyone either heads home or goes into the house, where the vibe of the party visibly shifts. For the hosts that want to keep their outdoor parties going after the sun goes down, how they light their backyard can significantly impact their ability to do so. 

Homeowners search for ways to add utility to their yards and help keep the party going with unique lighting solutions. A lighting installation service that can help design and set up your exterior lights before your next party remains a crucial part of the process. So what are the best ways to illuminate and highlight what makes your yard unique?

Every Light Has a Purpose

When you start looking for ways to bring more light to your backyard, you want to have a plan in place to help identify the best ways to accomplish the task. Exterior lighting installations can help keep your outdoor parties going, but haphazardly installing lights can do more harm than good. In terms of exterior lighting, there are three primary uses and styles of lighting you can utilize:

  1. Overall Lighting 

  2. Task Lighting

  3. Accent Lighting

Each type has a specific function that not only adds utility to your outdoor space but helps highlight particular features that set your yard apart. Overall lighting provides light for a given space, task lighting has a specific purpose, and accent lighting brings attention to a particular area. 

Different Light Bulbs for Different Fixtures

The light bulb you use for your home’s exterior lighting plays a role in how pleasing your lights are for your guests. Different fixtures are best suited for specific types of light bulbs. Incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and LED landscape light bulbs provide homeowners with multiple options to choose from, and each offers unique looks and energy consumption rates for the cost-conscious. Homeowners can also incorporate solar LED lighting into their backyards to highlight key features in a more eco-friendly and energy-efficient way. 

Be Wary of Light Placement

When designing your exterior lighting, you need to be mindful of where you want to position your lights. The exact positioning of each fixture plays a significant part in determining how well-lit your yard is. Placement of your light fixtures can make or break your outdoor space’s aesthetics and ability to host a party. 

Direct Vs. Indirect Light

The biggest consideration for outdoor light placement is whether you want a specific space with direct or indirect lighting. Direct light involves aiming the fixture at one particular location, providing enough light to illuminate the immediate area but not much else. Direct lighting is best used for side entrances and patios directly attached to your home. 

On the other hand, the placement of indirect lighting helps illuminate a much wider area. These fixtures are positioned to light up a wider field instead of focusing intensely on one spot. The lighting effect creates a soft wash that helps provide light to a greater area and is perfect for bigger yards with more space for your guests to move around and mingle. 

Highlight the Most Trafficked Areas

You take pride in your backyard and want to show off the specific features that you have taken pride in having built over the years. Placing recessed lighting fixtures, landscape lighting, or pathway lights can help give your yard the ability to be the life of the nightly summer parties. By adding lights to your driveway, any pathway, steps, decks, patios, and architectural features can give your yard the attention — and utility — it deserves. 

Trust Cornerstone Electrical With Your Exterior Lighting Needs!

Whether you’re looking for enhanced security lighting, warm white light for your patio, or want to use more of your yard when the sun goes down, Cornerstone Electrical Services is here to help! Our team can help you design and install outdoor lighting fixtures to transform your backyard into an outdoor party paradise. Contact us to learn more about how we can help!


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