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Uplighting & Downlighting: How Strategic Illumination Showcases Your Landscape’s Features

When the sun sets, it is essential to draw attention to your outdoor space by utilizing the right lighting fixtures. Dealing with landscape lighting can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. With bright LED lights or halogen bulbs, landscape lighting designs elevate your home’s curb appeal while displaying a welcoming environment.

Cornerstone Electrical offers stellar lighting installation services to Salem, NH, and the surrounding areas if you are looking into bringing light to your property. Here are some examples of how different lighting techniques can illuminate your outdoor space.

Benefits of Uplighting

When it comes to lighting, it is all about direction. Uplighting is a popular technique that lights from the ground level. These lights are positioned from the base of the object that it is supposed to highlight. This light effect helps bring out different details in your yard, like a retaining wall, trees, and water features. While highlighting architectural elements of your space, uplighting helps create a backdrop to your home while creating a dramatic effect that will make your home stand out. 

Benefits of Downlighting

Downlighting is a technique that is often used for path lighting and outdoor living spaces. This lighting is positioned to highlight lighting from above. Unlike ground lights, these are supposed to be set up in tall trees and high structures. Lighting professionals recommend that downlighting is used when you are trying to create a welcoming but dim setting. 

Best of Both Worlds: Using Uplighting & Downlighting Together

If you are looking for a perfect balance of lighting, you can incorporate uplighting and downlighting in your yard without overwhelming it. You can layer both of these lightings to create an appealing natural light throughout your whole outdoor area. Using uplighting and downlighting together can help bring out different elements that could have been forgotten if you just have one type of lighting installed. 

Partner With Professional and Reliable Lighting Experts

For homes looking for beautiful lighting in Rockingham County, NH, and the surrounding areas, the lighting professionals at Cornerstone Electrical are ready to help you get started! Our highly trained team will transform your outdoor space into a place that you will never want to look away from. Contact us today to get started!

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