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What Should You Have on Your Spring Electrical Maintenance Checklist?

Spring is a great time for outdoor activities with friends and family, and as the weather warms up and the days become longer, everyone will be looking to relax and enjoy the sun. Unfortunately, it looks like the range of available activities may be limited this year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The good news is that this season, many homeowners will have more time for essential electrical maintenance. Properly servicing your electrical system can keep it running smoothly and can help save you money and headaches on costly repairs in the future.

With everyone spending more time at home, appliances and wiring will be working overtime this spring and summer — making sure yours are in good shape for the long haul can help keep you home running and make quarantine far more bearable. Here are some important items to include on your Spring 2020 electrical maintenance checklist:

Kitchen Appliances 

Fall and winter are typically times of heavy use for kitchen appliances like your oven and stove. Cleaning your exhaust hood and the duct above your oven in the spring can remove any buildup accrued during the busy season and help ensure proper ventilation in the coming months. It is also key to make sure that all of your countertop appliances are plugged into a special outlet called a ground fault circuit interrupter, or GFCI. If you don’t have GFCI outlets in your kitchen or you aren’t sure if you do, your electrician can help. 

Electrical Panel 

The electrical panel is the workhorse of your home’s electrical system. Usually located in the basement, garage, or utility room, the panel’s job is to accept all the power that goes into your home and distribute it to each of the different circuits. If you are having problems with your panel, or believe you are overdue for an inspection, spring is a great time to get it done. Reach out to your electrician to learn more about electrical panel maintenance. 

Surge Protector 

Spring weather is generally pleasant, but the season is also known for an uptick in rainstorms that can cause power outages and surges. Making sure your house is ready for the stormy season is especially important when you and your family are going to be home all day by state order. If you want to make sure your home is prepared in the event of a surge or outage, consider investing in a backup generator or whole-home surge protection. Talk with your electrician to decide on the best surge protection system or backup generator for your home. 

Regular electrical maintenance is essential for making sure your home can weather the challenges life presents. Not conducting proper maintenance can lead to new problems developing and new ones becoming worse, but an experienced electrician can help you tackle your spring maintenance checklist with relative ease. Reach out to the pros at Cornerstone Electric for more information. 

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