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Icenter Salem

Located in the picturesque town of Salem, New Hampshire, Icenter Salem is a premier sports and recreation facility that caters to the needs of ice sports enthusiasts and the local community. Situated just 35 miles north of Boston, this modern, state-of-the-art facility offers a wide range of amenities and programs designed to accommodate everyone from beginners to professional athletes.

Established in 1999, Icenter Salem boasts two NHL-sized ice rinks, providing ample space for ice hockey, figure skating, and recreational ice-skating. The facility is renowned for its year-round ice programs and serves as the home base for numerous local hockey leagues, figure skating clubs, and public skate sessions. Icenter Salem also hosts a range of events, from regional and national figure skating competitions to hockey tournaments, drawing participants and spectators from across the country.

Beyond its ice sports offerings, Icenter Salem features a spacious, state-of-the-art fitness center, complete with a wide array of strength training and cardio equipment. The facility also offers a variety of group fitness classes, personal training services, and an indoor turf field for sports like soccer, lacrosse, and more.

Icenter Salem is committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for athletes and sports enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are dedicated to ensuring that visitors enjoy a positive and rewarding experience while honing their skills and pursuing their passion for sports.

As a hub for ice sports and recreation in the Salem area, Icenter Salem continues to play a vital role in promoting health, wellness, and an active lifestyle within the community.

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