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What Does Furnace Maintenance Involve?

Home heating: we can’t live without it. Up in New England, we take that statement literally! While it’s unfortunately all too common for people to discover their heating systems need repair in the middle of the winter, it’s best to make sure your furnace works before you need it. With the late fall chill already in the air, it’s high time to schedule your annual furnace maintenance appointment. If you’re seeking heating maintenance in New Hampshire or northern Massachusetts, Cornerstone Services is the HVAC company that will get the job done. You might be wondering what exactly our team does when we get a call about furnace maintenance. While it’s not an exhaustive list, you can expect your HVAC technician to do the following during a routine furnace maintenance appointment: Inspection Furnace inspection involves ensuring that your furnace is safe and ready to operate, so before getting any repair jobs underway, your technician must perform an inspection. They will:

  • Test the startup and shutdown cycle of the furnace

  • Calibrate the thermostat and heat sensors

  • Check that electrical connections are secure and functioning

  • Look out for any concerning wear and tear

Some parts crucial to the furnace’s operation are its belts, blower motor, heat exchanger, burners, and flame sensors. Any one of these parts malfunctioning can cause the entire furnace to run poorly, stop working altogether, or even pose an electrical or explosion risk. Running on Gas? If you have a gas or oil furnace, your technician will have a few more things to do. They will:

  • Inspect your thermocouple to eliminate any risks of explosion

  • Sample the gas produced by your furnace to ensure it is within factory specifications

  • Check fuel lines and manifold gas pressure for any dangerous CO2 leaks

Cleaning A clean furnace is an efficient and effective furnace. Cleaning your furnace means your technician is going to:

  • Remove debris from vents

  • Clean the blower wheel and remove anything stuck

  • Check and clear out your flue

  • Examine and replace your air filter, for instance

An unclean furnace can affect your whole home’s air quality and will need to be serviced to get your home’s clean, fresh air flowing again. Not to mention, the more you have to crank up your heat in response to a dirty furnace, the more of a fortune you end up paying in energy bills. Preventative Maintenance Cleaning and inspection aren’t the only furnace maintenance essentials. One of the most essential things on a furnace tune-up checklist is preventative maintenance! Preventative maintenance often involves:

  • Lubricating moving parts within your unit

  • Replacing any malfunctioning, inefficient, or outdated components

  • Diagnosing and addressing any potential problems with the furnace

  • Recommending further steps for the health of your furnace such as more intensive repairs or a complete system replacement

Having regular preventative furnace maintenance is one of the easiest ways to extend the lifespan of your furnace. Service All Year Round Cornerstone Services is the best choice for any heating and air conditioning maintenance, repair, or replacement that you and your family need. We provide On-Time, Every-Time service spanning anywhere from northern Massachusetts to southern New Hampshire. We take pride in our professional and friendly team. We also offer great pricing and are often running a variety of special offers. There are many other ways to save on your energy and utility bills and increase the lifespan and efficiency of your household appliances. Due in part to seasonal allergies that start up in the fall, we’ve recently had many people seeking services such as air duct and dryer vent cleaning. Regular maintenance of your air ducts will help you improve your indoor air quality and keep your HVAC systems (including your furnace!) from working harder than they need to, meaning you can heat and cool your home more effectively. A furnace will last longer and be stronger when it has a tune-up every year. Give us a call today and schedule your annual furnace maintenance appointment. Don’t let Jack Frost sneak up on you this winter!


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