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Why Fall Is the Perfect Time for Landscape Lighting Installation

Landscaping lighting can enhance the beauty of your backyard by illuminating the space in your favorite color hues. Cornerstone Electrical Services recommends installing outdoor lighting in the fall when the sun begins to set earlier and the days get shorter.

Here are a few benefits you will enjoy when you undertake the project this time of year:

Get Ready for Winter and the Holidays

Fall is an indication that winter is just around the corner. During the cold winter months, a majority of people spend most of their time indoors. However, installing landscape lighting in the fall adds beauty to your property and keeps it well-lit when it gets darker earlier, enabling you to stay outside longer. The lights will also allow you to enjoy a view of your yard from inside and illuminate your home to show off its best features.

Additionally, installing landscape lighting in the fall is a great way to prepare for the holidays. When you have the lighting in place, you will not have to worry about your holiday lights going out from time to time. You will also have more options for decorating your home and can install lenses to the outdoor fixtures. Customizing the lights will help you recreate the beauty of the holiday season.

Increased Safety and Security

Considering that it starts getting dark early in the fall, having lights installed in your yard will deter home intrusions. When it gets wet and slippery, proper lighting will reduce potential hazards such as slips and falls for you, your family, friends, and other guests. As such, landscape lighting will provide an additional layer of security and help keep your property safe during both fall and winter.

Many Companies’ Slow Season

After calling a landscape lighting company during the summer, you may have to wait for a while before receiving the services you requested. The fall is usually a slow season for most companies, meaning there is a good chance you will get the lighting installed sooner. You may also enjoy some discounts when you request installation services during this season, saving you both time and money.

Plants Are Dormant

Once the fall season sets in and the temperatures start dropping, plant growth will decline. When plants are dormant and trees are bare, the installation process will be easier. You will also be better positioned to get the lighting fixtures installed without worrying about disturbing new plants. This way, your installation needs will be met without compromising the beauty and health of your garden.

Considering the benefits above, there is no better time to install outdoor lighting than the fall! However, you should choose a dependable landscape company to handle the project. For more information, reach out to Cornerstone Electrical Services today!

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