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Gas Furnace Issues: What's Up, Salem?

Winter's here in Salem, New Hampshire, and you know the drill: cozy sweaters, hot cocoa, and good ol' reliable gas furnaces to keep us toasty. But what if that trusty furnace decides to be a little moody?

Common Furnace Problems

Gas furnaces are usually champs, but sometimes they act up. At Cornerstone Services, we get the frustration. So, here's the lowdown on common gas furnace problems Salem folks might face. Remember, let the pros handle the fixes.

1. Furnace Won't Start

You crank up the thermostat, expecting that cozy hum, but nada. Could be:

  • Thermostat acting up: Make sure it's set to "heat" and the temp is higher than your room's.

  • Circuit breaker playing tricks: Check if it tripped.

  • Oldie pilot light blues: If it's out, pro help is in.

2. Not Enough Heat

Your furnace wakes up, but the warmth's a letdown. Blame:

  • Filthy air filters: Swap or clean 'em regularly for the flow.

  • Vent blockage: Open 'em up and clear obstructions.

3. Nonstop Cycling

If your furnace's playing on-off games, it might be:

  • Thermostat tantrums: Sometimes, it's the culprit.

  • Airflow roadblocks: Clogged filters or vents can mess things up.

4. Blower Keeps Blowing

Blower stuck on repeat? It could be:

  • Thermostat in "on" mode: Make it "auto" for breaks.

  • Wonky limit switch: Might need swapping.

5. Weird Noises

Furnaces like to chat, but banging, screeching, or rattling? Not normal. Get the experts on speed dial. It could be a funky belt, ignition, or who-knows-what.

6. Pilot Light Drama

A flickering or yellow pilot light spells carbon monoxide danger. Fix it pronto!

Quick Tips:

  • Filter change: Every three months, or monthly if you've got pets or live in dust central.

  • Gas smell: Shut off the furnace, leave, and call the gas pros if you catch a whiff.

  • Noise: Furnaces aren't concert halls, but new weird sounds? Get 'em checked.

  • Maintenance: Yearly checkup before winter, so you're ready to roll.

Now you know the furnace drill. If trouble strikes, don't DIY it. Gas furnaces are no joke. Cornerstone Services in Salem's got your back. Keep that home cozy, folks! 😊🔥

Business Information:

44 Cross St, Salem, NH 03079, United States

(833) 316-8145

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